(AKA highly personalised, integrative medicine gets people - generic, Band-aid approaches do not.)

Sometimes people ask if I can ’just answer a couple of quick questions’ about which supplements or nutrition plan they should be on, or how they can sleep better.

I generally decline to answer these questions without a LOT more background than they can give me in a few minutes, not because I don’t want to answer their questions (I desperately do!)…

But because that is what I call “abbreviated healthcare”, which leads to treating ‘surface-level’ symptoms with short cuts that will probably make you sicker, as opposed to treating the underlying causes of your symptoms to restore your health (or really digging into the things that are undermining your health and keeping you from peak potential).

Abbreviated healthcare a major reason that people remain unwell in our medical system.


Your body is tremendously resilient and complex: although little things go wrong all the time, your body fixes them without you ever being aware of any problem.

However, if a problem progresses enough to manifest symptoms that cause you to see a doctor, that means it’s been happening for a while and has usually caused multiple other problems. In other words, we end up seeing symptoms that are actually unrelated to the original problem you had. So your doctor treats the symptoms and the symptoms you show up with at the doctor’s office are often indirectly related to an original problem, not necessarily the bigger, underlying problem…

An excellent example of this is skin problems: most people don’t realise that skin problem = gut problem. You can try and fix the skin issue, but the underlying gut issue will remain, and worse yet, it will get worse and cause other symptoms, like hormone dysfunction, sleep disruption or brain fog. All these things don’t look like they’d be related to gut distress, but usually are - when we fix a person’s gut health, many seemingly unrelated symptoms miraculously go away.

This means that for anything significant that you may be working with, we need to get the complete picture of your health to unearth underlying issues you may be facing in order get you well.

This is why I see so many people who have not been helped by GPs and specialists - they look specifically at one or 2 aspects of the body in a reductionist approach does not work in medicine. Your overall health comprises every aspect of your wellbeing…and that extends far beyond just your body parts. True healthcare addresses the health of the body, mind and spirit.

And that, dear reader, is why one-off, 1-hour consultations simply cannot meet the health standards I hold for my clients.


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