This plan provides the highest level of support. You should expect your Total Health Overhaul to take at least 4 months to complete (sessions are good for up to 1 year from commencement). It includes complete support every step of the way, plus all the bells and whistles.


Who is the Total Health Overhaul for?

Do you want to learn your body's unique needs so you know how to navigate your health and be optimal for the rest of your life?

Have you tried a range of treatment options for a particular issue without success?

Are you looking for comprehensive, ongoing support every step of the way to becoming optimal?

Do you want to know exactly what your labs, blood work and genetics say about your wellbeing?


If you’re looking to rebuild your health from the ground up, this plan is the total reset you’re looking for - you'll learn your body’s needs and how to care for yourself on every level.

Well beyond the basics, this plan includes everything you need to be empowered in your health:

• Complete assessment of your past & present health, medical records, lifestyle & goals.

• Analysis & discussion of all of your blood work & labs

• Precision supplementation based on your lab results

• Procurement of the best quality supplements and wearables

• Optional DNA sequencing & genetic analysis (highly recommended to help determine the best foods, supplements, and lifestyle management strategies for you)

• Detailed, step-by-step recommendations for improving every aspect of your health according to your time, energy & capacity

• The support you need, when you need it. In addition to 10 full, 60-120 minute sessions (bookable on your timeline), you get ongoing "anytime" support from me by phone, email or text, seven days/week (9 am-9pm) unless specified. No need to wait to ask those burning questions - I get you the answers you need when you need them.

• Personalized nutrition & recipes.

• Charts, tables, and detailed schedules detailing exactly what you need to do each day/week to succeed

• Custom movement plans to improve fitness and mobility

• I consult with your other care providers to form a team around you - we can work together to get you healthy

• Optional: Text/email reminders sent at the frequency you desire to support your journey and help you stick to your routines. (Examples: 8 pm text: “Time to take your Reishi extract, put on your blue blockers, dim/turn off screens and LED/bright lights.”)

With your Total Health Overhaul, you have the option of additional features such as:

• Optimized rejuvenation & athletic recovery

• Longevity & anti-aging medicine

• Brain-specific supplementation to enhance cognition, memory & productivity (AKA “nootropics”)

• Self-quantification technologies (to track your metrics, speed progress, & refine treatments)

• Cutting-edge biological tests not available through standard medical practices

• Natural, sustainable performance enhancement

• Mood & sleep-enhancing wearables & techniques

• Exceptional, little-known tools and techniques for next-level health (i.e. peptide therapies, ozone, NAD, light & sound therapies, hyperbaric oxygen, molecular H2, blood flow restriction, stem cell therapy, cryotherapy, breathwork, etc.)


Step 1. Strategy Meeting #1:
Comprehensive Intake (3-6 hrs)

This is where we collect all the data, using the following assessments:


• Medical history
• Labs & health reports
• Lifestyle & habits
• Mindset


• Attitudes
• Goals
• Capacity
• Commitment

Together we discuss how to proceed according to your preferences and where you are in your personal journey:

• Do you prefer to take things “low and slow,” focusing on a few gradual changes to get started?

• Or do you prefer to dive headfirst and go all-in from the very beginning?

• How much time and energy do you have right now to dedicate to your health strategy?

• Are you prepared to try my suggestions, or do you feel more comfortable picking what feels most manageable to you right now?

Once we establish your approach, together we take the next steps to:

• Outline your strategies
• Set goals
• Create timelines

Step 2. Research, Analysis, and Integration of Your Data 

Based on the data we’ve collected from your biology, personality, preferences, lifestyle constraints, and goals, I curate and prioritize the best strategies to improve your health. We always start with the most accessible, effective approach - the 'low hanging fruit' - to make sure you see progress as soon as possible.

Step 3. Strategy Meeting #2: Laying Foundations

I share the top strategies I've curated for your personal plan, and together we discuss how to move forward based on your preferences and where you are in your journey right now.

I’ll take you through the priorities outlined in the Resources Package I've created for you, including the organizational tools you need to make your progress as easy as possible and put you on the road to success. You get to ask all your questions and leave feeling confident about the path ahead of you.

You receive:

  • An easy-to-follow summary of your top picks and priorities ranked in order of importance.
  • Checklists, timetables, and to-do lists (as desired)
  • Additional resources: Many links and resources will be included with the guidance I share in your plan, but I am always happy to share more! I love when people learn on their own - self-study can truly help motivate and promote healing. I can provide further information about the recommendations made for you through podcasts, books, movies, websites, databases, etc.

Step 4: Strategy Metings #3-10: Assess, Refine, Success, Repeat 

You choose the timetable, and we’ll get together.

Meet with me to: 

• Track and assess your progress
• Set new goals and prioritize your next steps
• Build on your success by refining existing strategies
• Create easeful implementation plans to incorporate new strategies
• Update your Resources Package, checklists, calendars, and to-do lists
• Assess mindset: if needed, we set you up for success by coaching you through self-limiting beliefs or limitations and finding fresh motivational tactics
• Answer all your questions, address any concerns, and celebrate your wins!

Step 5. Set to Soar

You've built healthy habits and routines to support your long-term health and success. You’re aware and in tune with your body and understand its needs. Your new tools and knowledge empower you. You take flight, armed with knowledge, confidence, and a newfound sense of your innate wellness.

Your Total Health Overhaul: The Investment



(Payment Plan: 4 x $2,000 payable on a schedule that works for you)*


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