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I came to Mary feeling helpless and not sure I'd ever find someone who could help me with my insomnia, which I've struggled with for 12 years. After working with her for a month, I've not only been sleeping better but actually slept straight through a full night recently. That hasn't happened in 5 years.

On top of helping me sleep, Mary has opened up an entire new path for me to optimize my health in every facet. And that is, in fact, how she helped me sleep better: by looking at the entire picture of my current state of health and all of my life patterns.

Mary is, by far, the most comprehensive, intelligent, friendly health optimization practitioner I've ever worked with. I can't recommend her highly enough.

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Ceo, Entrepreneur, Mother

Western medicine can leave me feeling unsupported, and has failed to address my issues.

Seeing any single practitioner can’t address my nutritional or other needs to the depth I require, the depths to which Mary works.

Working with Mary means having access to information not readily available to most people. Her passion for science, biohacking, nutrition, human optimization and so much more has given her the edge in addressing deep underlying issues that other medical approaches would never have uncovered. Hers is the most thorough method of addressing one’s whole health, in a holistic and fully supportive way.

Above all, Mary is incomparably dynamic: most people don’t have access or insight into the newest science and health trends, nor would they be able to decipher their legitimacy or utility. However, Mary uses her extensive education and experience to filter and distill the exact information required to create systems which can help anybody.

Her thorough, all-encompassing approach incorporates all of the elements needed to create a successful path to optimal health, incorporating the right balance of discipline, flexibility, independence and so much more.



Dr Pines is providing me a much, much better awareness of my biological makeup and how I can improve on it on the molecular level -targeting my cells and what their needs are to stay healthy and alive.

Dr Pines is like a personal trainer for the inside of my body!

All can benefit from working Dr Pines - hers is a personalized service, specific to you. She is your personal trainer, on a microscopic level!

You want to work with Dr Pines because she is a PhD who works at the highest level to understand your body’s cellular needs, your genetic makeup, and everything that you help make you feel and live better.

Some of the results I’ve seen since working with her for 3 months: my gut health and bowel movements were way better, my sleep - which I always struggled with - was incredible, i have WAY more energy (maybe too much!) and I’m not as hungry as I used to be so I eat less and I eat better foods for my body.

Thank you Dr Pines!!


Athlete, Realtor, Father

The first time I met Dr. Mary Pines, I knew she was one of the most unique, special human beings I’ve ever connected with. I felt comfortable with her immediately. I am in the midst of some very challenging life transitions, and she has been there every step of the way.

She has helped not only me, but my teenage son, to navigate through these difficult times. I literally cannot say enough about Dr. Pines as a professional and as a kind, intuitive, giving, caring person. Her skills are off the charts. In contrast to traditional therapy, she has the training to help people in need process, change, and evolve to a new vantage point surrounding many issues that universally cause us suffering.

I cannot recommend Dr. Pines enough if you are in need of guidance.

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Entrepreneur, Triathlete

None of the top-tier coaches and trainers I was working with could figure out where I was going wrong: for the 3rd time in 15 years, I was exhausted, had no stamina, motivation, and ability to compete. I had mood swings and intense bouts of fatigue every afternoon. Old skin issues flared up, my libido suffered, I couldn’t concentrate and my family/work balance went out the window.

I was desperate and the advice of my doctors and trainers wasn’t working. I was really frustrated.

After only 3 months of working with Mary, I am 90% better and still improving!

I also look and feel 10 years younger! It’s crazy.

I had heard a lot of advice over the years, but most of what she said was news to me - and it worked. I was really impressed at her breadth of knowledge!

She was so patient with me, helping me understand my body on a whole other level.

If you need help, talk to Mary. I can’t recommend her enough!


Business Coach, Mother

I was too young to having the symptoms I had endured for the last 8 years: thinning hair, bags under my eyes, premature wrinkles, an almost non-existent menstrual cycle, poor sleep, low energy, memory loss and brain the point that I thought I was getting early-onset Alzheimer’s.

Doctors told me I was probably “burned out.” I slowed my work and exercise routines down as much as possible, gave up coffee, alcohol and sugar, but my symptoms largely persisted. After seeing specialists who wanted to put me on hormone therapy (no way!), a friend recommended I see Mary.

THANK GOODNESS! Mary walked me through exactly what was going on in my body, helped me understand where I was going wrong and what I needed to do. She offered alternative suggestions when I pushed back on some of my more stubborn habits. (Baby steps, right?) I saw amazing results almost immediately and now, months after we stopped working together, I continue to feel better and better each week. I’m nothing short of amazed!

No one had ever taken the time or listened to me carefully. I felt heard, supported and empowered. Mary held really skillful, compassionate space for me to open up and share with (unusual) ease and comfort. I don’t go there easily. I only wish I had known about Mary earlier.

I highly recommend working with Mary, whether your health is suffering, or if just want to know how to feel better - she taught me SO many seemingly essential health practices that aren’t out there in the public!


Entrepreneur, Mother

Dr. Mary Pines is a rare breed of practitioner that combines her extensive knowledge of nutrition, bio-hacking, fitness, and spirituality with kindness, empathy, and a sincere desire to help you where you're at.

Allopathic medicine cannot heal you...Naturopaths are not multidisciplinary enough. Mary's approach is holistic and I trust her completely to help me optimize my health.


Biological Dentist, Father

I’ve known Dr. Pines for over 10 years. Her zest for life and her relentless passion to pursue all aspects of health and wellness are beyond compare.

As an Integrative Health Consultant, she draws from her background in cell biology and neuroscience, with degrees in molecular & development biology & genetics, as well as her extensive knowledge of diet, nutrition & exercise.

Her truly unique approach to health coaching and cutting-edge ability to guide & counsel her clients on an individual basis sets her a cut above.

From personal experience, I would highly recommend Dr. Pines’ mentorship for anyone looking to increase their mental, emotional & physical well-being.

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Health Facilitator & Teacher, Retreat & Spa Owner

Dr Mary Pines is deeply passionate about holistic and scientific approaches to wellbeing, through which she inspires others to investigate and explore the possibilities and practical steps for accessing their own innate wellness.

Her customized approach is grounded in a compassionate and no-nonsense style that elicits easeful rapport and trust.

Mary’s natural abilities in deep listening and non-invasive ways of observing the whole being - body, mind, and soul - are gifts in themselves.

Having multiple tools to support and reflect, be it through nutrition and supplementation or coaching to help clear unconscious blocks, Mary works with you in a way that works for you.

Highly recommended!

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Physician, Entrepreneur, Father

Being in the presence of Dr. Mary Pines is a gift and a blessing. Her approach draws from the true resonant frequency of health and healing.

As we transition from a healthcare system based on the model of pathogenesis (the basis of disease) to one which also incorporates and emphasizes saludogenesis (the basis of health), we’re increasingly aware of our need for experts and guides who hold deep wisdom and skill in helping us tap into our own innate healing capacities and sources of wellbeing…they will not only be experts of multidisciplinary ways of knowing, sense-making, and evidence-based inquiry of how to empower the healthiest versions of ourselves, they will also be leaders by example - authentic pioneers who have, through their own journeys, discovered the deepest insights that come only from direct experience.

Mary is such a guide. To work with her is to work with a healer beyond the bounds of the conventional.

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