Target Treatment Modules



I now offer Targeted Modules designed to provide support with specific aspects of your health, from genetically-informed nutrition to sleeping like a baby (consistently!), and everything in between.

Each Module consists of 5 sessions, and all the supporting documentation you need to stay organized: carefully curated strategies laid out in easy-to-follow PDFs, checklists, calendars, and additional resources for you to learn from and help you stay motivated.

Who Can Benefit From Targeted Treatment Modules?

  • Are you looking for support to take your health and wellness to the next level?
  • Are you tired of living with one or two lingering, unresolved health problems?
  • Suffering from fatigue, lack of sleep, inability to focus, or other nagging symptoms that hold you back from being able to truly thrive?
  • Do you constantly feel worn down, burned out, or “old before your time”? (Pssst - this is not normal! Despite what we’re led to believe, getting older should not equal chronic pain, discomfort, and fatigue.)
  • Are you ready to learn how to support and nourish yourself, start feeling happier and healthier in your body, have more energy, improve your fitness or lose weight?
  • Do you want to be the smartest, strongest, fastest, best ever version of yourself?

Dip a toe into the world of “self-optimization” and experience the profound changes that come with optimal health.

Targeted Treatment Modules Aren't For You If...

You have multiple chronic or severe health challenges or want to overhaul their health altogether. If this sounds like you, you simply require a more thorough approach with additional support. Please see my Total Health Overhaul Plan to learn how we can work together towards your optimal health.

Feeling uncertain? I can help you determine which strategy is the best fit for you.


The Process: Getting Started

Select the Module(s) that interests you.

Schedule a Discovery Call with me so we can discuss your selection and make sure it’s the right fit.

We work together to execute your chosen Module at your own pace.


If you don’t see the issue you’re looking to address among these Modules, please reach out, and we can design something together to fit your needs.

Module Flow: How We Proceed


You’re set on your path, empowered by your results, with greater agency over your health. You’ve got an actionable plan for the future, armed with wisdom, tools and additional resources to support you in continuing to improve your health well into the future.


1 Module



2 Modules

Save $500


3 Modules

Save $1000


4+ Modules

Equivalent to

Total Health Overhaul Plan

Payment Plans are Available.

Furthermore, if you decide you want to go deeper and optimize every facet of your health, you may switch to the 'Total Health Overhaul Plan’ at any time within the span of your Module(s) by paying the difference. The Total Health Overhaul Plan - detailed below - includes all content in the above modules, plus a lot more additional support, resources, and customization.

PLEASE NOTE: Labs, blood tests, genetic testing, supplements, self-quantification, and other devices are not included in module pricing.


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