2 Decades of Expertise

Concierge, Precision Medicine

World-Class Care

Understand My Philosophy

2 Decades of Expertise

Concierge, Precision medicine

World-class care

Understand My Philosophy

Are you tired of living with lingering health issues?


Are you seeking to optimize your health and maximize your longevity?


Do you want to understand your body's needs and how to navigate your health for the rest of your life?

Your health is so much more than a list of symptoms or conditions to be treated one at a time, in fifteen minutes or less. I believe that the path to recovering your health requires us to look at the whole picture, not one puzzle piece at a time.

Your health is personal.
The support you receive should be, too.

Think of the human body as a high-performance machine – an integrated network of finely tuned systems. Each part plays a vital role in the function and wellness of the whole, and your experience of health is the direct result. When we approach health and wellness with a whole-body perspective, we zoom out to take in all of the available information, and we skip the guesswork.

Data-Driven Analysis + Customized Approach
= Your Optimal Health Strategy

I use data as the “compass” to navigate your health with precision, considering as many factors as possible that contribute to your overall wellness:


Your DNA blueprint offers clues on how you are innately ‘wired.’ Examining your genetics helps identify what foods and lifestyles may work best for your body and which of your ‘operating systems’ may need a little help.


Assessing your biochemistry — Here I look at how well your cells and tissues are functioning and where you may benefit from additional support.


This gives us real-time insight into how your body’s systems function and how they respond to changes we make (ie. we may use the Oura Ring, Fitbit, Whoop, etc.).


Assessed and integrated through in-depth, comprehensive interviews and ongoing follow-up sessions.

This data-driven analysis provides an in-depth assessment that tells us what is happening in your body, how best to provide the support you need, and how your body responds as we progress through your plan.

The more data we have, the more efficiently and effectively we can address your health concerns.

What it Looks Like: Phases of Treatment


As we begin, I listen deeply to you with no time limitations or rushing to be heard. We cover ALL the bases. I arrange the labs, supplements, technologies, and everything you need to move forward with confidence.


During this phase, I analyze your data, establish objectives, curate your best strategies, and create a roadmap of how we will get there. Together, we refine the plan to tailor it to your needs and preferences.


You receive complete support as you learn to work with and master your body’s needs. I guide you every step of the way, available to answer all of your questions and offer guidance.


It’s time for takeoff. You know how to tune into your body and are empowered to continue working with the knowledge and wisdom you’ve gained. You’re ready to soar!

When you purchase a plan, you are not just getting a set diet and exercise program. In our work together, you are paying for access to decades of research and knowledge to integrate the in-depth analysis of your health history, labs, and other information to create a custom, personalized solution tailored to you, your body, and your best health.

In other words, you are paying for access to an outcome that is supported by the expertise of a real person with years of research developing your plan – not artificial intelligence or automation. Anybody can buy a health book; you are paying for professional experience, knowledge, and personalized integrative medicine. Please bear this in mind when purchasing your plan.


I offer an in-depth, comprehensive approach to your health and wellness. Here’s why.

*If my rates are not accessible for you, please contact me. I have a limited sliding scale or can happily connect you with another practitioner to serve your needs.

My Services

Total Health Overhaul Plan

This plan provides the highest level of support and should be expected to take at least 4 months to complete. Includes step-by-step guidance every step of the way and all the tools you need to succeed.

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Hourly Consultations (limited)

Due to the comprehensive nature of my work, I offer hourly consultations on a limited basis. My process requires at least 4 hours of cumulative interview, research, and reporting time.

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Disclaimer: Dr. Mary Pines / Innate Wellness cannot diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease or condition. Neither the consulting nor materials provided (including this website) are intended to substitute for the advice, treatment, and/or diagnosis of a qualified, licensed professional. I do not make any medical diagnoses, claims, and/or substitute for your personal physician’s care.