Due to the comprehensive nature of my work, I offer hourly consultations on a limited basis. I generally require several hours of interview, research and follow-up time to provide you a personalized standard of care that will really benefit you for life, regardless of the state of your health.

Sessions can be done in person or remotely. 


Initial Intake and Consultation: 90-120 mins, $400
Includes an additional 60 mins of research and analysis* time outside of our meeting time. 

Copies of your medical records and recent lab results are requested before or upon our first meeting. 

Please bring a pen and paper. (Audio recording available if desired.) 


Follow-up Consultations: 60 mins, $250


*Additional research time is required for analysis of complex labs/medical records and genetic sequencing data. I do not recommend hourly consultations for patients working with complex or chronic conditions; in those cases, I recommend the thorough approach provided in my Total Health Overhaul Plan, a fully supported, 3  months+ program (includes all research and analysis time, extensive reporting, anytime support, supplement / technology procurement, collaboration with your other health practitioners, organizational tools, and custom nutrition, supplementation, movement, sleep plans and anti-aging strategies). It is designed to teach you how your body works and what it needs to thrive so you can navigate your health for the rest of your life. Book a Discovery Call here to determine if this is the right fit for you.



Feeling unsure about what next step is right for you?

If you are ready and willing to do the work to be healthy, please book a Discovery Call with me to determine which approach is best for you.



1 hour consultations and abbreviated ‘pay as you go’ approaches present a conundrum for me and the “patient-centred care” philosophy I take…

Here’s why: Even “simple questions”, like which supplements you should take, what the best diet is for you or how to improve your sleep require that I ask many more questions of you. In fact, to answer any of these questions WELL, and to maintain my integrity as a practitioner, I would need to look at your medical history, life experience, goals, blood work and genetics.

….And that’s assuming there’s isn’t any other health challenge - known or unknown - to work with. However, it is almost always the case that we need to do some ‘remediation’ to lay the groundwork for good health before jumping into optimization. (Example: MOST people require ‘clean-up’ of their gut health before embarking on a new dietary strategy).

If I were to simply provide you with generic answers on a 1 hour call, I would be doing you a disservice, neglecting that everyone is different with respect to what their body needs to be healthy. That is what I call “abbreviated healthcare:” offering generic advice, or worse yet, treating surface-level symptoms with solutions that may not help you at all (or worse, act in your detriment).

By contrast, I work with ALL of the factors that contribute to the state of your health, really digging into the things that are undermining your wellbeing and keeping you from peak potential. That takes time. (And I assure you, it’s worth the time and effort it takes me to formulate a totally custom plan that leads you on the path to optimal health for life.)



Your body is tremendously resilient and complex: although ‘little’ things go wrong all the time, your body fixes them without you ever being aware of any problem.

However, if a problem progresses far enough to produce symptoms that cause you to see a doctor, that means it’s been happening for a while, and has usually caused / is starting to cause multiple other problems. In other words, doctors end up seeing and treating symptoms that are often unrelated to original problem. So, your doctor treats the symptoms and not necessarily the bigger, underlying problem…you go away thinking you have resolved your issue, but it either comes back again, or new symptoms start happening, which are often progressively worse. It’s a snowball effect.

An excellent example of this is skin issues: most people don’t realize that skin problems = gut problems 98% of the time. You can try and fix the skin issue, but the underlying gut issue will remain, and what’s more, it will worsen and cause other, more difficult symptoms, like hormone dysfunction, sleep disruption and/or brain fog. All these things don’t look like they’d be related to gut distress, but usually are. ‘Abbreviated medicine’ won’t even touch the gut issue because it takes time and some digging to get there.

This means that for anything significant that you may be working with, we need to get the complete picture of your health to unearth underlying issues you may be facing in order get you well.

This is why I see so many people who have not been helped, even by GPs and specialists; they look specifically at one or 2 aspects of the body in a reductionist approach that unfortuantely, does not work in medicine. Your overall health is a sum total of all parts of you…and that extends far beyond just your body parts. True healthcare addresses the health of the body, mind and spirit.

And that is why one-off, 1 hour consultations simply cannot meet the health standards I hold for my clients. This means it costs more to work with me, but chances are, this work will save you countless hours and dollars in medical visits down the road.


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