Eat, Sleep, Move, Think, Live... Better.


Eat, Sleep, Move, Live... Better.

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Helping You Achieve Optimal Health

though genetics, prevention medicine & lifestyle optimization.

There are a plethora of ancient and new age methods that can help us prevent disease and slow the aging process. But everyone is different - so how do you know what will work best for you? 

I started Innate Wellness to provide truly personalized care that really helps my patients thrive. I encourage them take what works and leave what doesn't, and come up with solutions that really fit their lifestyle and goals. I always aim to maximize ease of implementation and patient flexibility in order to ensure long-term success.

My comprehensive approach involves molecular, cellular, and systems-level optimization of all of the factors that influence health and longevity, such as nutrition, supplementation, sleep, movement, cognitive health, mindfulness and more.

Beyond the Bandaid.

Your mind, body, and spirit all work together to create wellness. I learned that the hard way 10 years ago when I had to heal my own body after all the traditional medical advice I was given didn’t work. In fact, that advice would have actually hurt me. So, I used my scientific training to dive deep into everything that was impacting my health and found the answers I needed to not only get well, but to truly thrive for the first time in my life!

Now, I offer the same service to my patients: I help you achieve optimal health and maximize your longevity.

Furthermore, my goal is not only to provide you with world-class care and support, but to teach you how your body works so you understand how to navigate your health for the rest of your life - body, mind and spirit.

A deep dive to help you feel alive.

I’m unlike any Doctor you’ve worked with before:

I’m a Biomedical Researcher-turned-Human Optimization Specialist.

I have a PhD in Molecular Biology, Genetics & Biochemistry, and as a scientist, I look through a systems-based lens to investigate opportunities to optimize your health with an integrative approach unlike any other practitioner.

All the support you need to succeed

I'm here to show you that living a healthy lifestyle is easily achievable with consistent action, clear guidance and the right support system. I procure everything you need to ensure your success - from recipes and supplements to technologies to help us track and guide your progress. I provide "anytime support" by text, phone and email, as well as detailed, written instructions following each meeting and additional resources for you to learn from along the way. 

I'm passionate about providing exactly the support and genuine care you need to uplevel your health and wellness.

More Than Holistic

That word has been used so much nobody even knows what it means anymore. I work with you to make sense of all the pieces and put it all together like a puzzle. I’m a medical professional with a big vision for your overall health.

Shaking the Magic 8-Ball of modern medicine will only get you so far.

You need to dig deep to uncover the wellness you seek. That’s where I come in: I do the work, ask the right questions, work with your existing practitioners (and connect you with others who can really help you).  I help you navigate what “better” looks like for you and teach you how to maintain your health well into the future.

Let’s work together and do better at helping you feel better.


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Disclaimer: Dr. Mary Pines / Innate Wellness cannot diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease or condition. Neither the consulting nor materials provided (including this website) are intended to substitute for the advice, treatment, and/or diagnosis of a qualified, licensed professional. I do not make any medical diagnoses, claims, and/or substitute for your personal physician’s care.